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Gold Party Investments™ is dedicated to helping people host their own Gold Event and/or Party and Fundraisers to help a worthy cause, or simply put extra cash back into their household. With gold prices at an all-time high, and the need for cash so large, you can schedule Gold Parties with your friends and earn a commission from every party you book.

The Market – Now is the time to react and host your own party!

The price of gold has exceeded over $1000.00 dollars an ounce, and is now at the highest level since 1977. With the price of minerals so high, and the economy in a faltering state, people are looking for extra-income opportunities.

Gold Party Investments™ has built a model for all to cash in on this new concept of hosting gold events, gold showers and corporate gold parties and create some income for you and your loved ones.

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Gold Party Investments™
PO Box 86007, 1011 Upper Middle Rd., Oakville, ON L6H 5V6

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